Publication Notice


All providers of goods and services in Australia have certain obligations under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). When we provide Thermomix goods and services, we also provide our own guarantees and warranties to you, but these are in addition to (and do not exclude or modify) our obligations under the ACL. We must:

  1. Not engage in conduct which is (or likely to be) misleading and deceptive;
  1. Not make false or misleading representations in relation to our goods or services provided, such as in relation to their quality, standard, history, characteristics, pricing, origin, availability of repairs;
  1. Not make false or misleading representations in relation to the existence, exclusion, or effect of the guarantees, rights, and remedies our consumers are entitled to under the ACL;
  1. Not engage in conduct which is liable to mislead the public as to the nature, characteristics, or suitability for purpose of our goods;
  1. Make timely reports to the relevant Commonwealth Minister if we become aware of the death, serious injury, or illness of any person arising from the use or foreseeable misuse of our goods.


If you have product safety concerns about our appliances, or are injured when using any of our appliances, this information should be provided to us through the following channels:

Once we receive this information, we will:

  • promptly investigate the circumstances of the concern or injury, including by obtaining your name, contact details, serial number of the affected product, and a description of what happened;
  • take such action as is necessary to ensure the continued safe use of our products, for example by issuing a safety alert or warning to consumers, or withdrawing the relevant product from the market, with the provision of replacement safe products or refunds, as appropriate to the circumstances;
  • prepare and lodge any required reports to the relevant Minister (in the case of death, serious injury or illness in connection with our goods); and
  • track the progress of all such complaints or reports to ensure they are promptly resolved.


We will consider the circumstances of any complaint we receive regarding issues or faults with our products, in accordance with the consumer guarantee provisions of the ACL (for example, the consumer guarantees as to acceptable quality and fitness for purpose of our goods and services). The consumer guarantees under the ACL are in addition to, and are not affected by, our own guarantees and warranties given at the time you purchased our product. We will assess each complaint, taking into account our obligations in the ACL. We may require from you such further information as is necessary to enable us to fully assess your complaint and determine the appropriate response. In determining the appropriate response, we will use the definition of major failure in the ACL, as the basis of our assessment.


For more information about your consumer guarantee rights under the ACL, visit