What’s your food mood?

There’s nothing like good food to bring people together.

With Cookidoo.com.au you can create recipe collections for every occasion, from showstopper party favourites to wholesome food the kids will love.

And with Cook-Key, you can make your favourites faster with step-by-step instructions displayed on your TM5. So you can be sure that what you see on your screen is what you’ll get on your plate.

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Getting kids to school is hard, let alone with a good lunch. Make quick and healthy lunchbox snacks that won’t end up in the bottom of their school bag.

Playlist #33: Lunchbox saviours

  1. Wheat, nut and dairy free muesli slice
  2. Three cheese spinach scroll
  3. Falafel crackers
  4. Broccoli mustard pasties
  5. Tandoori chicken wraps

Fussy kids? Just as well you can make healthy, wholesome food so good, they won’t even notice the veggies.

Playlist #15: Undercover veggies

  1. Macaroni cheese with a crunchy topping
  2. Baked broccoli bites with tofu mayonnaise
  3. Chocolate zucchini mini loaves
  4. Tempeh bolognaise
  5. Pork cannelloni with vegetable sauce

Want to wow a crowd? Cook up a masterpiece that looks just like it did on the page, with a little help from your TM5.

Playlist #25: They said I couldn’t bake

  1. Chocolate truffle cake
  2. Decadent dark chocolate brownies
  3. Beetroot, feta and spinach quiche
  4. Birthday sponge cake
  5. Lemon tart

When the pressure’s on, you can start to feel the heat in the kitchen. Wow even your toughest critics without even breaking a sweat.

Playlist #19: Impress the In-laws

  1. Orange and passionfruit Eton mess 
  2. Creamy scallop soup with chorizo
  3. Parmesan-crusted lamb cutlets, creamed spinach and smashed spuds
  4. Mimosa float
  5. Berry and red wine trifle

Long day? Have their favourites ready faster than your local on a Friday night, and with healthy ingredients straight from your kitchen.

Playlist #12: I said they could have takeaway

  1. Chicken korma
  2. Vegetable spring rolls
  3. Quick massaman beef curry
  4. Korean barbecue chicken with rice
  5. Slow-cooked Mexican beef

There’s never been an easier way to feed the gluten-frees, the dairy-frees, the sugar-frees, and the rest. Winning!

Playlist #8: Mate of the year

  1. Sausage rolls (gluten-free)
  2. Cevapcici
  3. Beer and chilli peanut clusters
  4. Brazillian cheese puffs
  5. Aussie meat pies