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Join Emma and Karen as they share their journey as Thermomix ® Consultants.


Are you looking for empowering, flexible and challenging full-time or part-time work? Perhaps you are looking to get back into the workforce, but aren’t sure where to start?

Become a Thermomix ®  consultant and join a global community of driven, innovative and supported individuals. Share your Thermomix ® story, meet new people and design a flexible work environment that suits you.

At Cooking Experiences and Classes around the country, our consultants share their passion with customers and participate in fantastic promotions including our annual ThermoFest and Emerald Class incentives.

Start as a Thermomix ® Consultant between 1 November and 31 March 2018 and take advantage of our Free business kit offer. Click here for more.

To get started, contact your Consultant, complete our online form or call Head Office at 1800 004 838.