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  • Kate Tilley

    St Peters, SA

    Kate Tilley

    This product has totally changed the way we create food in our house. Our family has grown to five, and there are not as much leftovers in the bowl these days!

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  • Shelley Alcock

    Williamstown, VIC

    Shelley Alcock

    I have had Thermomix for almost two years and it continues to be a source of culinary inspiration!

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  • Fiona Baker

    East Perth, WA

    Fiona Baker

    Thermomix has empowered me to take additives out of my meals and has also encouraged me to try new recipes.

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  • Rozanne Gardner

    Biloela, QLD

    Rozanne Gardner

    The Thermomix has been an absolute saviour to myself and my family.

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  • Kate Kennedy

    Waterways, VIC

    Kate Kennedy

    Some things we've noticed since using our beloved Thermomix: much less rubbish and waste, some unplanned weight loss, healthier eating, being able to sneak vegetables into our childrens’ diets more easily, smaller grocery bills, simpler ingredients and increased stock of frozen leftover meals. Most importantly, Thermomix makes it possible for us multi-task. We can spend quality time with our child...

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  • Tanya McFadden

    Canteen Manager, Mount Pleasant Primary School WA

    Tanya McFadden

    I just love the Thermomix in the canteen and so does the school. So many kids who used to bring their own lunches are now buying healthy school canteen food. It’s good for them, it’s not expensive and the canteen runs at a profit. Why would any canteen not have one?

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  • Derek Garner

    Yanchep, WA

    Derek Garner

    Since purchasing my Thermomix, I have coined the phrase, 'If you can read, you can cook.'

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  • Dennis and Linda Jackson

    Mount Eliza, VIC

    Dennis and Linda Jackson

    We were first introduced to the Thermomix in the 1970s. My mother-in-law purchased one of the original models of the Thermomix – the VM 2200 – whilst living in Surrey, England. The diversity and scope of culinary applications possible with this machine was revolutionary and its simplicity ensured regular use in the household.

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