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  • Georgia Lienemann

    Group Leader, NSW

    Georgia Lienemann

    Being a nutritionist, my core desire is to make a difference: not only to people's health but our environment and the food system itself. I became a Thermomix Consultant because Thermomix is an innovative solution on all three fronts by empowering people to cook from scratch.

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  • John O'Shea

    Consultant, QLD

    John O'Shea

    I reached my career goal to be the Executive chef of a five star luxury hotel by the age of 33. I now work full time as Catering Manager for a large Private Hospital on the Gold Coast. Thermomix is like a hobby to me. A very rewarding hobby. I love cooking and teaching people how to cook. Thermomix allows me to do this in a fun, interactive way.

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  • Elmin van Rensburg

    Group Leader, ACT

    Elmin van Rensburg

    My journey is paved with amazing highlights. From inspiring customers, creating smiles and bringing joy in people's lives, to striving towards my goals and be rewarded for it. There is so much to love about being a Thermomix Consultant!

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  • Alex Cox

    Consultant, NSW

    Alex Cox

    The flexibility of being a Consultant definitely fits into my family’s lifestyle. The social interaction from demos and meetings is very fulfilling.

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  • Julie-Ann Allen

    Area Manager QLD

    Julie-Ann Allen

    I am a gadget queen and when I heard about Thermomix a year or so ago I knew that I would want one. If top chefs were using it then of course it belonged in my kitchen, along with all the other gadgets I had collected.

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  • Nicky Parsons

    Consultant WA

    Nicky Parsons

    I wasn’t looking for a job, as my youngest child was still at home and I was only planning to return to the workforce in a couple of years’ time. Watching the Consultant at the demo made me think that I could be giving demos too, since I love both cooking and talking. So, I decided to give it a go!

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  • Anthea Brockbank

    Junior Branch Manager, SA

    Anthea Brockbank

    My Thermomix career fitted very neatly alongside my occupation as a Vision Therapist. Slowly, but surely, my Thermomix business took over other job and I really started to see the benefit of working for myself, choosing my own hours and what I earned was up to me, not someone else. Incidentally, my old boss was my very first sale!

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  • Anne-Marie Raymond

    Group Leader VIC

    Anne-Marie Raymond

    My love affair with Thermomix began nearly seven years ago when this amazing machine arrived in my kitchen for the first time.

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  • Tamara Morris

    Consultant VIC

    Tamara Morris

    It was love at first sight for me when I was introduced to the Thermomix. The Thermomix is an amazing product and being a Consultant and sharing that love is lots of fun! I love cooking, I love talking and I especially love talking about cooking - a match made in heaven.

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  • Maria Manfredini

    Area Manager WA

    Maria Manfredini

    It all started with falling in love with the wonderful Thermomix. Becoming a Consultant has enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and into an unknown world where I have swung off a flying fox, rock climbed, jumped off the top of a light pole blind-folded and onto a trapeze, bungee jumped, parachuted, saw snow for the first time and so much more!

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