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  • John O'Shea

    Consultant, QLD

    John O'Shea

    I reached my career goal to be the Executive chef of a five star luxury hotel by the age of 33. I now work full time as Catering Manager for a large Private Hospital on the Gold Coast. Thermomix is like a hobby to me. A very rewarding hobby. I love cooking and teaching people how to cook. Thermomix allows me to do this in a fun, interactive way.

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  • Alex Cox

    Consultant, NSW

    Alex Cox

    The flexibility of being a Consultant definitely fits into my family’s lifestyle. The social interaction from demos and meetings is very fulfilling.

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  • Tina Wong

    Group Leader, VIC

    Tina Wong

    I bought my Thermomix at a health expo, all on the basis of its milling ability and how it could make sorbet in seconds. Little did I know that it would change my world!

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  • Nicky Parsons

    Consultant WA

    Nicky Parsons

    I wasn’t looking for a job, as my youngest child was still at home and I was only planning to return to the workforce in a couple of years’ time. Watching the Consultant at the demo made me think that I could be giving demos too, since I love both cooking and talking. So, I decided to give it a go!

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  • Anthea Brockbank

    Junior Branch Manager, SA

    Anthea Brockbank

    My Thermomix career fitted very neatly alongside my occupation as a Vision Therapist. Slowly, but surely, my Thermomix business took over other job and I really started to see the benefit of working for myself, choosing my own hours and what I earned was up to me, not someone else. Incidentally, my old boss was my very first sale!

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  • Anne-Marie Raymond

    Group Leader VIC

    Anne-Marie Raymond

    My love affair with Thermomix began nearly four years ago when this amazing machine arrived in my kitchen for the first time. Twelve months down the track I am constantly inspired by my fellow Consultants and customers.

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  • Julie-Ann Allen

    Area Manager QLD

    Julie-Ann Allen

    I am a gadget queen and when I heard about Thermomix a year or so ago I knew that I would want one. If top chefs were using it then of course it belonged in my kitchen, along with all the other gadgets I had collected.

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  • Maria Manfredini

    Area Manager WA

    Maria Manfredini

    It all started with falling in love with the wonderful Thermomix. Becoming a Consultant has enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and into an unknown world where I have swung off a flying fox, rock climbed, jumped off the top of a light pole blind-folded and onto a trapeze, bungee jumped, parachuted, saw snow for the first time and so much more!

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