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The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Weddings, birthdays, engagement parties and more.

Have you considered opening a Thermomix gift registry so your friends and family can help contribute to this unique gift?

A Thermomix gift registry works just like lay-by. Complete an order form with your Consultant and we'll open an account for you and supply you with flyers to send out with your invitations.

Guests who want to contribute to the registry simply contact the office to process their payment and add it to your account. When the price is reached, your Consultant will contact you to close the registry.

We'll then gift wrap your Thermomix with a card stating the names of all the guests who contributed.

If you would like to know more about opening a Thermomix gift registry, please speak to your Consultant or call head office on 1800 004 838.

Ask for the gift you'll enjoy for years to come.