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  • Chopping


    Thermomix chops onions, nuts, herbs, meat, carrots, potatoes and so much more, quickly and easily in one bowl. You select the speed and control how coarse or fine you want your ingredients chopped.

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  • Beating


    With the help of the Butterfly you can whip cream quickly and easily. You can also whip egg whites into beautiful peaks. It’s very practical and all done in one bowl.

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  • Mixing


    With Thermomix at home you'll make perfect pancake or crepe batters in no time at all. Mix anything you want including cakes, tortes, cookies and slices – the multi-talented unit will have it done in seconds.

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  • Emulsifying


    With Thermomix it’s so easy to make your own salad dressings and mayonnaise. Place the measuring cup into position, pour the oil on the lid and let it drizzle down into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Thermomix gives you a great result every time.

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  • Milling


    Thermomix mills flour in seconds from any type of grain. Even seeds like sesame or poppy seeds, herbs and spices are easily milled. You choose the result (coarse or fine flour) via the speed dial and the timer.

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  • Kneading


    Professionally made as if prepared by a baker's hands: perfect dough for bread, pizza, brioche and lots more. Thermomix even deals with heavy bread and yeast dough to make them supple and smooth. That’s thanks to the special inbuilt interval mode. The Thermomix imitates the action of kneading the dough – rotating it from clockwise to anti-clockwise – to allow optimal rising.

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  • Blending


    The right blend for healthy smoothies or glamorous cocktails; with Thermomix it’s as easy as one two three. A little hint: place the fruit for your smoothies in the freezer for 1-2 hours for a deliciously refreshing drink without ice cubes.

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  • Cooking


    With the clockwise function of Thermomix you can quickly prepare creamy soups from a few fresh ingredients, which you can blitz at the end of the cooking time for a silky smooth finish. The anti-clockwise function is ideal to use for chunkier style soups as the ingredients won’t get mashed. Healthy, and ready to serve from one bowl.

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  • Stirring


    While Thermomix is cooking, it automatically stirs the ingredients so nothing can burn or boil over. Its innovative technology ensures you’re no longer tied down to stirring at the kitchen stove.

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  • Steaming


    The Varoma provides a low calorie, healthy, complete meal cooked all at once. Place the potatoes in the basket, the vegetables in the bottom Varoma dish and fish or meat on the top Varoma tray. Add water, set to Varoma temperature and you’ll have a healthy meal in minutes.

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  • Weighing


    Precision work: with the inbuilt scales you weigh and tare all your ingredients one after the other. It’s practical and saves you time.

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  • Melting


    With Thermomix you can control heating to a set temperature. You can temper chocolate to make chocolate ganache or zabaione. Thermomix keeps the selected temperature at a constant level for excellent results.

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