Kate Tilley
St Peters, SA

Kate Tilley

This product has totally changed the way we create food in our house. Our family has grown to five, and there are not as much leftovers in the bowl these days!

Shelley Alcock
Williamstown, VIC

Shelley Alcock

I have had Thermomix for almost two years and it continues to be a source of culinary inspiration!

Fiona Baker
East Perth, WA

Fiona Baker

Thermomix has empowered me to take additives out of my meals and has also encouraged me to try new recipes.

Rozanne Gardner
Biloela, QLD

Rozanne Gardner

The Thermomix has been an absolute saviour to myself and my family.

Kate Kennedy
Waterways, VIC

Kate Kennedy

Since using our beloved Thermomix we have noticed much less waste, weight loss, healthier eating, being able to sneak vegetables into our child’s diet more easily and smaller grocery bills. Most importantly, Thermomix makes it possible for us to multi-task so we can spend quality time with our child.

Tanya McFadden

Mt Pleasant Primary School, WA

Tanya McFadden

I just love the Thermomix in the canteen and so does the school. So many kids, who used to bring their own lunches, are now buying healthy school canteen food. It’s good for them, it’s inexpensive and the canteen runs at a profit. Why would any canteen not have one?

Derek Garner
Yanchep, WA

Derek Garner

Since purchasing my Thermomix, I have coined the phrase, ‘If you can read, you can cook.’

Dennis and Linda Jackson
Mount Eliza, VIC

Dennis and Linda Jackson

We were first introduced to the Thermomix in the 1970s. My mother-in-law purchased one of the original models of the Thermomix – the VM 2200 – whilst living in Surrey, England. The diversity and scope of culinary applications possible with this machine was revolutionary and its simplicity ensured regular use in the household.

Georgia Lienemann
Group Leader, NSW

Georgia LinnemanBeing a nutritionist, my core desire is to make a difference, not only to people’s health but also to our environment and the food system itself. I became a Thermomix Consultant because Thermomix is an innovative solution on all three fronts, empowering people to cook from scratch.

John O’Shea

Consultant, QLD

John O SheaAfter working as an Executive Chef of a five star luxury hotel, I now work full time for a large private hospital on the Gold Coast. Thermomix is like a hobby to me. A very rewarding hobby. I love cooking and teaching people how to cook. Thermomix allows me to do this in a fun, exciting way.

Elmin van Rensburg
Group Leader, ACT

Elmin van RensburgMy journey is paved with amazing highlights. From inspiring customers, creating smiles and bringing joy into people’s lives, to striving towards my goals and being rewarded for it. There is so much to love about being a Thermomix Consultant!

Alex Cox
Consultant, NSW

Alex Cox - ThumbnailThe flexibility of being a Consultant definitely fits into my family’s lifestyle. The social interaction from demos and meetings is very fulfilling.

George Calombaris
Chef, MasterChef Judge

George Calombaris_TestimonialI’ve used Thermomix for years, both at home and in my restaurants. The precise temperature and speed settings allow me to be in complete control, even when I’m creating delicate mousses and emulsions. As a chef I’m always striving for perfection, the Thermomix allows me to get very close.

Gary Mehigan
Chef, MasterChef Judge

Gary Mehigan_Testimonial for websiteThermomix has always been the Holy Grail of kitchen essentials. Every chef wants one and for good reason. I’ve enjoyed using Thermomix in our kitchens for many years now and wouldn’t be caught in my kitchen without it. For me, Thermomix is the ultimate one pot wonder!

Check out Gary’s recipe for The perfect sirloin steak on Recipe Community!

Julie Goodwin
MasterChef winner, Cookbook author.

Julie Goodwin_testimonial for websiteSo many people asked me about Thermomix that I had to try it out. It has replaced my food processor and is also my go-to appliance when I want a quick sauce or dinner in a hurry. It’s like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen.

Dani Valent
Writer, cookbook author

Dani with TM_testimonialNow, with the help of my Thermomix, I can confidently cook restaurant quality meals using recipes from some of the world’s best chefs and cooks. It’s been an inspiring, fun and delicious journey so far, but I know there are still lots of tasty Thermomix surprises ahead. It’s truly a machine that keeps on giving.

Louise Fulton Keats
Cookbook author

Louise Fulton KeatsAs a busy working Mum, my Thermomix is my daily saviour. Professionally, it’s like having the ultimate sous chef – someone to stir the custard, chop the onions, grind the spices – always done to perfection. On the home front, it’s like having an extra set of hands each night to help with the dinner rush hour.

Mark Best

Mark Best“He who cooks, does the dishes.”

This adage is only made easier by the use of the Thermomix both in my restaurant, Marque and at home.

Nico Moretti
Cookbook author

Nico MorettiAs one of the first in Australia to purchase a Thermomix, I fell in love from the first time I set eyes on it, at my first demo in 2001. Since then, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with recipes that would suit the Thermomix, adapting them and sharing with friends, family and clients.

Nico holds cooking classes at his school Urban Provider and has released two cookbooks that contain Thermomix methods for many of the recipes. To view Nico’s classes or his cookbooks, please click here.

Matt Stone

Matt StoneThermomix makes light work of hard chores such as making curry paste, soups and sauces. Plus, the benefit of being able to weigh my ingredients straight into the Thermomix means less washing up. I can’t imagine any of my kitchens being without a Thermomix.

Russell Blaikie

Russell Blaikie_testimonialMy Thermomix is like having an apprentice chef in the kitchen. Yes, it sounds a bit odd, but it’s like having an extra pair of hands that chops, purèes, kneads, stirs and cooks while I’m off doing other things in the kitchen, and it doesn’t answer back!

Laurent Vancam

Chef Laurent_testimonialWe use Thermomix every day in the canteen and for catering to make everything from mayonnaise, sorbet, lump free custards and mixes for muffins, cookies and cakes. We can even make risotto. Thermomix does all the cooking and stirring while we can get on with other jobs.

Cyndi O’Meara
Health Expert and Lifestyle Coach

Cyndi O'MearaI’ve had a Thermomix since 2006 and what it can do never ceases to amaze me. If you are serious about healthy eating, then I recommend you look at this amazing machine.

Click here to purchase Healthy Eating by Cyndi O’Meara. To find out more about Cyndi, visit her website.

Andrew Fielke

Andrew FielkeAndrew’s passion for Australia’s native food resources led to him pioneering a ‘Creative native Australia cuisine’. In his cooking, Andrew utilises the stunning textures and flavours of native nuts, seeds, fruits and herbs like Lemon Myrtle and Quandong to create unique dishes.

Click here to view one of Andrew’s recipes on our Recipe Community.

Alice Zaslavsky
Cook, Children’s author

Our Thermomix was the first kitchen appliance we ever bought. Little did we know that this little machine would not only change the way we cook, it would also help to change our lives.

Years later, it’s still the only appliance we use every day – from steamed veggies in the mornings, to my dinner-party experiments, to a weekend of baking at the farm. In our household, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time, and I couldn’t imagine it without our Thermomix.

Dominique Rizzo
TV Chef

In my busy lifestyle, Thermomix has allowed me to be self-sufficient and sustainable. It allows me to mill my own grains, making pasta and bread dough from scratch, and makes it so easy to prepare healthy salads, soups, dressings, dips and quick dishes. Not to mention all-in-one cooking using the Varoma which cooks and steams perfectly every time. Thermomix also features in my restaurant kitchen, bringing about consistency, ease and efficiency to our sauces, desserts and baking. Quite simply I love it.