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Please note if you have an affected appliance, as recently identified by the manufacturer, Vorwerk, you will automatically be sent a new green replacement seal. The seals are currently being manufactured and we have been advised all affected customers will have the new sealing ring by mid-November 2014… read more. Simply purchasing a new standard seal will not resolve the potential issue with an affected appliance. More than one green seal: If you have more than one bowl which you use on an affected appliance, you will need a new green seal for each bowl. To be sent additional green sealing rings, please contact our Customer Care Centre on 1800 788 332 or email: [email protected] and they will ensure your postal details are correct and will send an additional seal. Ordering the new green seal: Once all affected appliances have been sent a new green sealing ring, we will stock the green replacement seals in our online shop, in addition to the regular seals. Customers will be able to choose the appropriate replacement seal for their appliance. Regular replacement: The instruction manual recommends that all seals be replaced every two years to ensure optimal performance.

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